A message for my fellow bloggers…

I am experiencing the same, and just spreading the word. Thanks to Vanessa for writing this. Please check your spam folder as one or other of us (or some other harmless blogger) may be languishing in there with the processed ones….

Vanessa-Jane Chapman


Over the last week, WordPress, or rather Akismet spam catcher, has been putting most of the comments I leave on other people’s blogs into their spam folder. This does happen sometimes to us genuine bloggers, where for some reason we get blacklisted; I understand it’s happening to a few other people at the moment. I have reported myself to Akismet for this. Akismet does a great job of filtering out spam, and it’s understandable that it won’t always get it 100% right.

So if I usually comment on your posts, and haven’t this week, please check if I’m in your spam folder and release me! I checked my own spam folder this morning and found a real person in there! I haven’t commented as much over the last week because it’s frustrating to take time to write a thoughtful comment, only for it to disappear, so if I’m not hiding…

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9 thoughts on “A message for my fellow bloggers…

  1. Thanks much for this. I didn’t realise I should check my spam box but when I looked, lo and behold, there was a message from you in there. With a nomination for a Liebster award – thank you very much! I’m still quite a new blogger so I will google what I need to do next x

  2. You’re welcome, I really enjoy your posts. It’s quite a task following it up so don’t feel you have to!
    I’ve not been about much due to being turned into spam for nearly two weeks but think I’ve been unprocessed now….

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