Short and sweet.

When looking after children, whether they are yours or someone else’s, even a basic thank-you is rare.

Compliments are even rarer.

Today I am wearing a cobalt blue 1950s style summer dress. However, apparently it doesn’t quite cut it for my nearly 8 year old daughter.

‘Mummy, I don’t mean to be rude or anything’ (looks exactly like she’s going to say something rude) ‘but not those bits on the shoulders.’ ‘And one of them is folded over.’

I ask my eldest son. I get the scrunched nose and the ‘hmm yeah, don’t like them’.

If he who does not care about clothes is willing to pass judgement, then I’m definitely going to snip them off. They’re gone.

This experience doesn’t beat yesterday’s though. After two hours of swimming lessons, three sets of getting them through the showers (are you with me on why I want to go back to work?), I am sitting in my kitchen trying to get them to eat so that I can get on with cleaning up and get everyone to bed. Wine o’clock (or is it my laptop?) is calling.

This conversation with my youngest follows.

Me: ‘Come on, eat your fish, it’s good for your brain.’
(Thinks. Comes up with motivation through competition with siblings.)
Me: ‘It will help you learn to read faster.’
T is now eating.
Pauses. Looks hard at my face.
T: ‘Does it put those lines on your head?’

He's still a monkey.

He’s still a monkey.

Postscript: He did redeem himself later.

‘Daddy, Mummy is warmer than you. ‘She’s cuddlier than you’. ‘I love her more than you’.

You win some, you lose some…….

14 thoughts on “Short and sweet.

  1. Ha ha, one of my kids asked me why I was fatter than all the other mums at school! I said it was because I was so intelligent, I needed to eat more to feed my brain!

  2. I wish you had posted a photo of the dress. It sounds absolutely lovely. (Though, Lord knows what a kid would say about my style……or lack thereof.)

    I have been guilty of throwing these kinds of comments right back at children. “Oh really? Well, those socks make your knees look fat, and your hair is sticking up.” Watch face crumple. “Doesn’t feel very good, does it?” (I am sure this is one of a million reasons why I am not a parent.)

  3. It is a nice dress, just glad it’s hot enough to wear one at last 🙂

    I often feel like being rude to other people’s children. I restrain myself – usually – bar the little girl who stuck her tongue out at me recently …. I think mine would probably give you a run for your money though Andra 😉

  4. I knew motherhood could be emotionally draining, but I didn’t realise it can have quite such a crippling effect on your self-esteem. Probably best I’m not a mother yet, because I probably would’ve said, in response to ‘Does it put those lines on your forehead’ something like ‘No, but it does get rid of that huge disgusting bogie hanging out of your nose’.
    And that’s possibly why it’s a rather good thing I’m not a mother… yet….

    • Haha – believe me a sense of humour is essential to being a mother.

      Secondly, any self esteem problems I have are absolutely nothing to do with my children. Just my own parents 😉

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