Monkey worries.


My 4 year old is worried. His 5th birthday is in slightly less than four months time and his mother has done NO PLANNING AT ALL.

Apparently, he would like to go to the monkey sanctuary we went to last Summer. This one is going to be tricky given that it is in the Poitou-Charentes region of France and we live in England. Fail number one. So I offer him the chance to go to another zoo with monkeys.

T: No, mum it won’t be the right kind of monkeys. And I can’t have balloons! (wails)

Okaaay I think, I’m losing the thread here.

Me: You can have balloons at home.

T: No, because they won’t be the right balloons and they won’t be the same kind of monkeys! You need to get the cards out mum. Or NO-ONE is going to come! (I’m sorry, is this a wedding? Have I missed the fact this has been advertised in Tatler?)

Me: Shush T, just think of the Chima lego and the Ninja turtle things you’re going to get. Don’t worry about your birthday, it is a long time away.

T: But I don’t know, I haven’t seen the presents yet! (Er, no.)

T: (goes for complete change of tack) I want to go to Jambinos.

This is a soft play centre and if you’ve read my previous post on the subject, you know what I think about those. Easy win though I think.

Me: Ok, that’s fine, we can go there.

T: But last time, I got lost in the balls and I couldn’t find my way out! (becoming increasingly high pitched again)

Finally, the penny dropped. Did I mention it was bedtime? I gave in and called in the big guns. Dad.

I’m 40, this is my last child and I still don’t always realise when they’re playing me like a violin.

6 thoughts on “Monkey worries.

  1. This was such a funny and relatable post! I often get played by my children too. Though when it comes to bedtime, it’s like role reversal. My husband turns into a BIG kid and wants to play. As for your little man’s birthday, I hope he settles on a venue soon. His birthday is ONLY four months away! You’ll have to keep us posted on the final decision! šŸ˜‰

  2. Ha – very familiar! Bedtime-delaying ruses in this house include a variety of inexplicable medical conditions (‘funny tummy’, ‘itchy feet’, ‘my eyes won’t stay shut’), plus a lot of stuff along the lines of ‘I need to put the light on and read for a bit as I can hear an owl outside and it might be a burglar’. Yeah, with its tiny swagbag and a snooker ball in a sock – I feel sure you must be right; you should definitely stay up until midnight …

  3. Aren’t kids funny! Yours is a bit of a worrier, I think – mine too, he also used to like to plan ahead. it’s all good – maybe one day he’ll be Chancellor of the Exchequer.

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